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Jacksonville has a very strong commitment to ethics in city government.  In 1999, the Jacksonville City Council enacted a comprehensive Ethics Code for the city.  Jacksonville's Ethics Program is innovative.  Instead of just emphasizing laws, it attempts to train all city employees in the values behind the rules and regulations.  Training for elected officials is organized through the Office of Ethics, Compliance and Oversight with the assistance of the Office of General Counsel.  In addition, every department has a Department Ethics Officer who reports to the city's Ethics Officer and assists with the ongoing training of all city employees.

Department Ethics Officers 


Department Ethics Officer Contact Information


Hotline: (904) 630-1015

Hotline telephoneFor more information on the hotline, go to Ethics Hotline and Whistleblower Protection

For Hotline Inquiries, please note, under the Hotline procedures, persons investigating or working on cases cannot confirm or deny the existence of an on-going case or discuss any details of the case outside of what is authorized in the hotline procedures.

Ethics Office Budget 2023-24 - Ethics Office Budget 2023-24


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For more information about the city's Ethics Program, please contact us.

Kirby Oberdorfer, Director
Office of Ethics, Compliance and Oversight
Jacksonville Ethics Commission
117 W. Duval Street, Suite 225
Jacksonville, FL  32202

(904) 255-5510