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Local Government Resources


This section contains links and information about air quality within our area.

Enviroflash: Enviroflash is an air quality-monitoring program that is a partnership between the EPA and your local air quality monitoring agency, the EQD. It provides up-to-the-hour information on the air quality in your city. Follow the link to find air quality information where you live, and subscribe through your email or phone to be updated to air-quality changes as soon as they become available.

American Lung Association State of the Air 2016 - this is and annual “national report card” in which the organization grades and ranks air quality in cities and counties across the country.  It is interactive and allows comparisons to other cities.


This section contains links and information about water quality within our area. Look for your area to get more specific information.

State of the River Report

The State of the River Report for the Lower St. Johns River Basin is an annual report sponsored by the Environmental Protection Board.  This report presents an objective, scientific snapshot of the river at the time it is produced.

City of Jacksonville 

Environmental Quality Division's website 

JEA - Drinking Water Report

2015 River Accord Annual Report

City of Jacksonville Beach 

Drinking Water Report 

City of Atlantic Beach 

Atlantic Beach Water Quality Report 

Other Resources 

This section contains a few other reports that you might be interested in, such as the Duval Department of Health's Beach Water Quality report, part of the Florida Healthy Beaches Program, or the DOH Well Sampling Surveys.

Duval County beaches
Florida Department of Health's Well Sampling Surveys
Manatee Sightings