City of Jacksonville


Safety Tips

1. Have adults accompany youth under age 18.

2. Park vehicles off roadway.

3. Work on one side of the roadway at a time.

4. Wear bright colored clothing, gloves and safety vests along the roadside.

5. Wear gloves, protective footwear and sun protection.

6. Bring plenty of trash bags. Long tongs and trash grabbers may be useful.

7. Provide adequate drinking water and avoid over-exertion.

8. Do not remove hazardous or poisonous substances.

9. Be alert for wildlife and slippery surfaces.

10. Do not pick up items on bridges, in tunnels, or on overpasses.

11. Do not enter the roadway or shoulder.

12. Stay clear of any construction.

13. Have a first aid kit with you.

14. Have transportation available and know where the nearest hospital is, in case of an emergency.

15. After the cleanup, remove all collected material. On your report, include the number of bags of litter and recyclables collected, the number of volunteers and the number of volunteered hours.