City of Jacksonville

Request for a Dismissal of a Parking Citation
In some circumstances, customers who have a valid permit or valid wheelchair suffix tag may request a dismissal of their citation if they meet the following criteria;

·        Were issued a citation for failing to hang a valid permit correctly or not having one displayed, and
·        Were present (permit owner) at the time the citation was issued and have a valid wheelchair suffix tag

Requests for dismissals will not be approved for the following;

·        Parking in the access lane of a disabled parking space (8A violations), or
·        Parking anywhere within the accessible route attached to a disabled parking space (8A violations)
·        Parking in a disabled parking space with an expired permit (13A violations)
·        Using someone else’s disabled parking permit (13B misuse of a disabled parking permit)
·        Altering a disabled parking permit (13B misuse of a disabled parking permit)

If you have received a citation for parking in an access lane, fraudulently obtaining a disabled parking permit, or misuse of a disabled parking permit, you may pay the fine or set court hearing but are not eligible for filing for a dismissal of your citation.

To pay your citation or set a court hearing please visit:

Office of Public Parking
231 East Forsyth St. Suite 424
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: 904-255-5858

In order to file a request for dismissal, your citation must have been issued as a 8B: Disabled Placard Not/Improperly Displayed 

If you have received a citation for improperly hanging your permit you may visit any Tax Collector's Office to request a dismissal. To complete the request, the owner of the permit must have had been present at the time the citation was written, present a valid permit to the Tax Collector in person, have a copy of their citation, and pay a $7.50 processing fee to the Tax Collector if approved.

You may also request a dismissal by completing the form below. Upon processing of your online request, you will receive notification via US Mail. If approved, you may take the approval letter to any Tax Collector's office and pay the $7.50 dismissal fee without providing a copy of your citation. 

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