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Picture of an old, dilapidated house with boarded up windows and unkempt yardThe Foreclosure Property Registry was established in 2010 to limit and reduce the deterioration of property located within the City of Jacksonville caused by foreclosure, and create a mechanism to protect neighborhoods from becoming blighted through the lack of adequate maintenance of foreclosed properties. 

In 2018 Ordinance 2018-104-E amended Chapter 179 of the Ordinance Code to require mortgagees to register all vacant properties, properties whose mortgages are in default, and foreclosed properties with the City of Jacksonville's Neighborhoods Department and pay a fee of $250 for each registration with an annual renewal. These fees are deposited into a special account in the Neighborhoods Department and dedicated to the cost of the enforcement and protection against and removal of blight and real property deterioration. Mortgagees who do not register properties as required will be fined a $50 late fee for each property for every month the property is not registered.

The City of Jacksonville has acquired the services of Hera Property Registry to register the properties, maintain a database all registrations and administer the collection of fees and fines. To register a property, visit https://property

Hera Property Registry 

1900 S. Harbor City Blvd. Ste 211
Melbourne, FL 32901
Phone: (321) 234 5303


Who Is Affected?

  • Any mortgagee (or beneficiary or trustee who holds or has an interest in a deed of trust i.e., a bank or mortgage holder), who issued a Notice of Default on any real property located within the City of Jacksonville, Florida.

How Are Properties Registered?

  • Within ten days of the date any mortgagee declares its mortgage to be in default, the mortgagee shall register the real property with the Neighborhoods Department’s designee Hera Property Registry and at the time of registration, indicate whether the property is vacant, shows evidence of vacancy or is occupied, and shall designate in writing a Property Manager to inspect, maintain and secure the real property subject to the mortgage in default. A separate registration is required for each property, whether it is found to be vacant or occupied. For all registration requirements see Registration Requirements as codified in Chapter 179, Jacksonville Municipal Code.

How Much Does It Cost To Register Property?

  • At the time of registration, each registrant shall pay a non-refundable annual registration fee of $250 for each registration. Subsequent annual registrations and fees in the amount of $250 are due within 30 days of the expiration of the previous registration. For details on registration fees see Registration Fees as codified in Chapter 179, Jacksonville Municipal Code or visit

Annual Renewals

  • Properties registered shall use the date of initial registration as their annual renewal date and shall pay the $250 annual renewal date on the anniversary of the initial registration each subsequent year. For further annual renewal requirements see Annual Renewals as codified in Chapter 179, Jacksonville Municipal Code.

Late Fees

  • If the property is not registered and the registration fee is not paid within 30 days of when the registration is required pursuant to this section, a late fee of $50 per property shall be charged for each month the registration or annual renewal remains unpaid and shall be due and payable with the registration. This section shall apply to the initial registration and registrations required by subsequent owners of the defaulted mortgage and/or foreclosed property. Registrations delinquent greater than 30 days maybe subject to additional fines. For information on these additional fees see Late Fees as codified in Chapter 179, Jacksonville Municipal Code.

Transferring Ownership

  • If the defaulted mortgage and/or servicing on a property is sold or transferred, within ten days of the transfer, the new Mortgagee shall update the existing registration and shall be responsible for all required renewals and updates during the new Mortgagee's involvement with the Defaulted property. The previous Mortgagee will not be released from the responsibility of paying all previous unpaid fees and fines accrued during that Mortgagee's involvement with the Defaulted property. For full transferring ownership requirements see Transferring Ownership as codified in Chapter 179, Jacksonville Municipal Code.

What Are The Monthly Inspection Requirements?

  • Any mortgagee who holds a mortgage on real property located within the City of Jacksonville shall perform an inspection of the property upon default by the mortgagor or prior to the issuance of a notice of default.

  • Property inspected pursuant to the above that remains in default, shall be inspected every 30 days by the mortgagee or mortgagee's designee. For all monthly inspection requirements see Monthly Inspection Requirements as codified in Chapter 179, Jacksonville Municipal Code.

What Are The Violations And Penalties?

  • If it has been determined that a mortgagee has failed to register the property and failed to make a payment of any fees, a 30-day Notice of Non-Compliance will be issued and the property may be assessed with a $500 civil penalty against the mortgagee for offense, with each day the violation is allowed to continue constituting a separate offense imposed by a Special Magistrate. For more information on violations and penalties, see Violations and Penalties as codified in Chapter 179, Jacksonville Municipal Code.

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