City of Jacksonville

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery that occurs in every state, including Florida. Human Trafficking exploits individuals through forced work in prostitution or sexual entertainment, and forced labor through domestic servitude, restaurants, factories, sweatshops, and agriculture works. Various techniques are used to instill fear in victims to keep them enslaved and isolated.

In June 2015, the Florida legislature enacted a new statute (Section 787.29 Florida Statute) that requires businesses and locations throughout Florida to display public awareness signage which informs the public about human trafficking and resource assistance. 

Required Registration, Signage, and Training Information 

Pursuant to the newly amended City of Jacksonville Municipal Code Chapter 250.125 (enacted February 25, 2020) Human Trafficking and Employee Awareness Ordinance, certain businesses must display public awareness signs in conspicuous locations clearly visible to the public and employees, and must provide Human Trafficking Training to all employees on how to spot, report, and prevent human trafficking.
  • Public Lodging establishments
  • Gas Stations
  • Convenience Stores
In accordance with City Ordinance 250.125, your business will receive a class "C" paying citation for each day and each separate violation of the additional requirements.
Following is a list of websites with approved classes:
Additionally, pursuant to the City of Jacksonville Municipal Code Section 150.413 (enacted May 2016 - Amended August 2017), Public Awareness Signs must be displayed at the following establishments:
  • A nude establishment
  • Adult entertainment establishment
  • Dancing entertainment establishment
  • Any business or establishment that offers massage or bodywork services
  • Any business performing services for compensation that is not owned by a health care practitioner regulated pursuant to 456, Florida Statutes, as defined in Section 456.001, Florida Statutes, is required to meet the new standards.
  • Public Lodging establishments
For additional information and required signage, please contact: 
It is unlawful to violate any provisions of this section, and any violation shall be deemed a non-criminal violation, subject to a punishable penalty, pursuant to Florida Statute 775.083. A violation of this code shall be a Class F offense, pursuant to Section 609.109 Ordinance Code.