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Checklists, Forms and Documents

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General Forms and Documents
Building Code Adjustment Board Variance Application (PDF 23KB)
Contractor Registration Form (PDF 165KB)
Design Professional Registration Form (PDF 77KB)
Notice of Commencement Form (PDF 66KB)
TCO/PCO/PST Application (PDF 154KB)
Asbestos Notification Statement (PDF 198KB)
Property Owner Disclosure Statement (PDF 34KB)
Permission to Obtain Permits (PDF 134KB)
Request to Waive Building Permit Submission Limitations (PDF 92KB)

Building Permit Forms and Documents
Product Approval Information Sheet (PDF 100KB)
Residential Plan Review Checklist (PDF 131KB)
Swimming Pool (Private) Checklist (PDF 121KB)
Swimming Pool (Private) Safety Affirmation (PDF 137KB)
Window and Door Replacement Worksheet (PDF 264KB)
Tubular Steel Structures Checklist (PDF 95KB)
Sunrooms CAT I-V Checklist (PDF 118KB)

Electrical Permit Forms and Documents
Emergency JEA Power Reconnection Form (PDF 93KB)
Temporary Service Letter (PDF 65KB)

Mechanical Permit Forms and Documents
Hood Permit Worksheet (PDF 122KB)