City of Jacksonville

Online/Electronic Permit Submission
Online (electronic) permit submission is now required for all permit types. Instructions for various permit types are found at the bottom of this page.
Here are a few points to keep in mind:
  • Your plans will be reviewed by the Fire Marshal, Zoning, Concurrency and Development Services through this process.  If your project requires any other agency approval (Historical Preservation, Downtown Investment Authority, Health Department, etc.), you must obtain that approval and provide us confirmation, either sign-offs on the permit application or approval correspondence uploaded into the “Correspondence” folder of the Building Inspection Division online permitting system.
  • Permit applications must be completed, including notarizing and uploaded into the “Permit Application” folder of the Building Inspection Division online permitting system.  It works best to fill out your permit information on line and then print the application.  We have made it so you cannot print the application unless all required information has been entered.  This will help to ensure the information you submit is complete and will lead to a speedier review.
  • A design professional that has registered with us and received his Profile can complete the permit application when you want to submit for review before the contractor has been selected.  The review would be completed, however, a revised application would need to be submitted by the contractor before the permit can be paid for and become active.
  • Make sure the email address you enter in the Project Contact field is the person you want to be notified during the review process.  Email notifications will be automatically sent out as the plans proceed through the review process.
  • You must select Plan Type of Electronic on the ID Tab of your permit.
  • All documents submitted must be in PDF format.
  • Contractor will be responsible to print and provide onsite all approved documents required for inspection.
  • Plans that are digitally signed and sealed cannot be locked (password protected).
  • Your plan review time frame does not start until Zoning, Concurrency, and Development Services have approved the plans for review and your plan review fee has been paid.
If you have additional questions about setting up a profile or submitting permits please contact Saquira Tucker at, or Sandy Rosenblatt at (904) 255-8515 or

Creating a Profile for Online Submissions

Complete either the Contractor Registration form or the Design Professional Registration form. Both forms are available on our Forms and Downloads page in the flyout menu on the left side of the page. Email the completed registration form to our permit assistants at After your profile is created within the system, our permit assistants will email your City ID# and password to you. Please note that a company should submit only one registration form and be assigned only one City ID#. The Online Permitting System can be accessed at  For “Contractor User Name” use your City ID#. 
Please change your password once you are able to log into the Online Permitting System.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures must comply with Florida Statutes Chapter 481 and Florida Administrative Rule 61G1-16.005 for Architects or Florida Statutes Chapter 471 and Florida Administrative Code Rule 61G15-23.003 for Engineers.

Certificate Authority services can be purchased through a number of third party companies including Entrust, eTrust, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, IdenTrust and Verisign.  This is not a complete list and the City of Jacksonville does not recommend one firm over another.  It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure the service meets the requirements of the Florida Statutes and Administrative Rules.

Permit Submission Instructions:

Building Permits
Site Work Permits
Mobile Home Permits
Sign Permits