City of Jacksonville

Residential (Single Family) Property Owner Obtained Permits: Sheds
Sheds are detached structures, accessory to one- and two-family homes, with a storage/utility use. These are not habitable structures and must comply with all City of Jacksonville ordinances and the Florida Building Code.

Required Documents

  • Proof of ownership (if not listed on the Property Appraiser’s webpage)
  • Photo ID
  • Permit Application (available during your appointment)
  • Property Owner Disclosure Statement (available during your appointment)
  • Site Plan – a copy of a scalable certified survey of the property (two copies)
    • Must show dimensions to shed from at least two adjacent property lines
    • Must show all structures on the property
    • Must show location of any wells and onsite septic systems, including tank and drain field
    • If property is served by onsite wells or septic, the Health Department (904-253-1000; 9921 N Davis Street, Building B 3rd Floor Room 350, Jacksonville, Florida 32209) must approve/stamp the site plan
    • Since some sheds do not require structural drawings, please indicate the height of the shed structure, grade to peak of roof, on the site plan
  • Residential sheds 150 square feet or larger or over $5,000 will also require:
    • Structural design drawings signed and sealed by a Florida licensed design professional
    • Product Approval Information Sheets (available on our Forms and Documents web page)
  • Shed permits with job costs of $2,500 or more will require a recorded Notice of Commencement. The Clerk of the Courts have a satellite office in our lobby that can assist with recording the Notice of Commencement.

What to Expect During Your Visit

During your visit, after checking in at the kiosk, you will be routed to one of our permit assistants. They will add your project to the Building Inspection Division permitting system, creating a permit number that you will be able to track online at​.
Once the project is in the system, you will be routed to other agencies on the 2nd floor of the Ed Ball Building to obtain their approvals. Depending on the location of your home in the City, additional City agencies, such as Historical Preservation, may need to review and approve your permit.
After obtaining all approvals, sheds under 150 square feet and under $5,000 will be issued during your appointment by one the of the Building Inspection Division permit assistants.
Sheds 150 square feet or larger or over $5,000 will require a plan review prior to permit issuance. At the end of your appointment, your project will be checked in by one of the permit assistants then assigned to a plans examiner. Once the plans examiner completes their review, they will contact you for next steps.
A tax collector’s office is available on the 2nd floor of the Ed Ball Building for payment of any permit fees.


If your shed has a slab inspection. Please schedule this inspection prior to placing the concrete per the instructions on your issued permit.
Permits for sheds less than 150 square feet often will not require an inspection.
Failure to obtain the required inspections can result in a property lockdown at your address preventing the issuance of future permits.