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Zoning Section

Overview: It is our intent to manage growth in an orderly and efficient manner through administration of the city of Jacksonville's zoning code (Chapter 656). Proper administration of the code ensures compliance with the City of Jacksonville's 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

Code of Ordinances, Title XVII - Land Use, Chapter 656 Zoning Code:

Part 1 - General Provisions
Part 2 - Zoning Atlas and District Boundaries
Part 3 - Schedule Of District Regulations
Part 4 - Supplementary Regulations
Part 5 - Mobile Homes, Mobile Home Parks and Mobile Home Subdivisions
Part 6 - Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations
Part 7 - Nonconforming Lots, Uses and Structures
Part 8 - Alcoholic Beverages
Part 9 - Excavations, Lakes and Borrow Pits
Part 10 - Regulations Related To Airports and Lands Adjacent Thereto
Part 11 - Adult Entertainment and Service Facilities
Part 12 - Landscape and Tree Protection Regulations
Part 13 - Sign Regulations
Part 14 - Transit Oriented Development
Part 15 - Communication Tower and Antenna Regulations
Part 16 - Definitions

Zoning Map

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