City of Jacksonville


kayak launch at hanna park with someone loading and someone watching for support

3rd Adaptive Kayak Launch in Jacksonville

July 24, 2020
There is an adaptive kayak launch at Bethesda Park!
Jacksonville now has three adaptive kayak launch locations:

1) Bethesda Park - 10790 Key Haven Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32218,

2) Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park - 500 Wonderwood Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32233 and

3) Southbank Riverwalk - 1001 Museum Circle, Jacksonville, FL 32207. 

Due to strong currents in the river downtown, Southbank Riverwalk is only recommended for experienced and strong paddlers

The fourth adaptive kayak launch location is planned for Mandarin Park at a later date.

Click here to view a video demonstration at Bethesda Park.  Also, pictured is the adaptive kayak launch at Hanna Park.

The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department strive to provide outdoor activities for everyone. We hope you or someone you know can enjoy these adaptive kayak launch pads.

Stay safe and have some fun!