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Waste Tire Program: Requirements

What You Should Know as a Tire Dealer/Generator

If you operate a business that sells new or used tires, you need to know the laws that deal with the collection, storage, and disposal of used and waste tires.

Tire dealer/generator means a person engaged in any retail tire selling business, a tire retreading business or a facility that in the ordinary course of business, removes tires from motor vehicles.

Waste tire means a tire that has been removed from a motor vehicle, and has not been re-treaded or re-grooved, the term includes used tires, including used display tires and processed tires, but does not include solid rubber tires and tires that are inseparable from the rim.

Ordinance 260: Regulation Enforcement of the Disposal of Waste Tires    

Requirements to do business in Duval County:

  • Obtain/maintain a Business Tax License and Certificate of Use at Tax Collector’s Office
  • Maximum amount of tires one can store is limited to 1,500 tires at any given time
  • Register and participate in Waste Tire Program
  • Must be properly zoned
  • Contract with only COJ licensed waste tire haulers
  • All uncovered tires must be treated monthly to prevent the emergence of adult mosquitoes, must be documented on the monthly report including name of pest control company and date of service.

At the end of each day, all tires not stored inside a building, shall be secured inside a six foot, locked fence or with a locked chain or cable.

Any violation of this ordinance is a class D offense punishable by a fine of not more than $500 or by imprisonment of not more than 60 days, or by both a fine and imprisonment.

For information

Waste Tire Enforcement Officers  (904) 255-7519 or (904) 255-7501 or email

Submitting Reports

Submit monthly reports:  Waste Tire Dealer/Generator  or Waste Tire Transporter Reports
Fax: (904) 381-1112  or email
Waste Tire Enforcement Officer  
1031 Superior Street,  
Jacksonville, FL 32254

To request assistance or report a problem, please call 630-CITY (2489) or visit