City of Jacksonville


Multi-family Complexes and Commercial Properties

The City of Jacksonville does not provide solid waste services to multi-family complexes or commercial properties. The information below is reference resource for multi-family complexes and commercial properties seeking solid waste collection and disposal services.

City of Jacksonville Ordinance Section 382.102. - Definitions

(i)  Multi-family residential premises means a building or complex or buildings on a single parcel of land divided horizontally or vertically and designed for or occupied by more than four housekeeping units.

  • Multi-family complexes primarily use private haulers and dumpsters for garbage.
  • Each multi-family complexes' management decides on the private hauler and on how tenants will be billed.

Complex management associations should contact a commercial waste hauler and/or recycler for services. There are several contractors to choose from in the phone book and the Internet. Services and prices may vary widely; associations should choose one that meets their particular needs. Download a list of nonresidential franchise haulers here.

Recycling Services

To establish a recycling program, pick a contractor and know which recycling items the contractor will accept and agree upon the items. Arrange a schedule for recycling pick up. Advise tenants. Assign a staff member to assist with the recycling efforts: purchasing the containers, placement of containers and date/times for set outs and more importantly the education of the tenants.

Improper preparation of materials is the biggest reason recycling materials may not be picked up. Also, indicate fines for non-compliance, if any.

Please be aware that it is unlawful to place hazardous waste of any kind in the residential collection waste streams. Municipal Code Section 380.209.

To request assistance or report a problem, please call (904) 630-CITY (2489) or visit