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"Together, we will build a healthy, safe, resilient, inclusive, and innovative city that works for all of us. Every person will have a voice in City Hall and a seat at the table to reach that goal. Thank you for being part of this new chapter in Jacksonville's history as we build a bridge to the next generation and industries of the future."

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Arts, Culture, and Entertainment
Improving the quality of life of our residents and visitors involves supporting a vibrant and robust artistic and cultural community. The Deegan Administration will continue to invest in arts, culture, and entertainment and partner with organizations across Jacksonville who are moving these priorities forward.
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The Deegan Administration’s goal is for Jacksonville to become the small business capital of the Southeast. We will fix permitting and procurement by streamlining the process, adding technology and people. We will also create small business ladders to connect them to resources they don’t know about like façade grants and incubator programs.
Military and Veterans Affairs
When 1 in 4 of us have a connection to the military, there is no doubt that Jacksonville is a military town. With a strong active duty and veteran population, the Deegan Administration is committed to supporting those who gave so much to protect our country and our city.
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Health, both physical and mental, is key to Jacksonville’s economic prosperity. We have one of the best medical communities in America. Despite that, our maternal and infant mortality rates are the worst in Florida and some of the worst in the nation. Mayor Deegan has appointed a Chief Health Officer to better coordinate care across providers while improving access and outcomes.
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The Deegan Administration will work to fix Jacksonville’s crumbling infrastructure and make good on the broken promises of the past. These investments include better streets and sidewalks, septic tank removal, stormwater drainage systems, bulkheads, tree planting, parks, trails, and more. Infrastructure efforts will emphasize resilience, smart growth, and a good quality of life for all neighborhoods.
Public Safety
Mayor Deegan is committed to ensuring our first responders have the resources to build safer neighborhoods. Public safety is not only about reacting when things go wrong. It is also about being proactive. The Deegan Administration will bring back a reimagined and reinvigorated Jacksonville Journey that focuses on literacy, prevention, and intervention programs.

Mayor deegan poses with attendees of Meninak luncheonConstituency and Community Outreach 

Mayor Deegan wants to ensure every person has a voice in City Hall and a seat at the table. By listening to people from every corner of Jacksonville, the Deegan Administration is committed to amplifying the voices of the community and creating a government that works for everyone.

Mayor Deegan will be hosting a series of community conversations where citizens can share their questions and concerns. Every voice in our city deserves to be heard! Together, we can make Jacksonville a better place to live, work and play.

Budget Address

Mayor Donna Deegan presented her $1.75 billion dollar budget for 2023-24 fiscal year to City Council on July 10, 2023. Pending City Council approval, the budget will take effect October 1, 2023.

"Our budget reflects the priorities of the people," said Mayor Deegan. "It makes investments that will create generational opportunities to live, earn, learn, and love with a good quality of life. I look forward to putting these dollars to work and creating a city that works for all of us."

Explore the Budget:

View the proposed FY23-24 annual budget.
View the proposed FY24-28 Capital Improvement Plan.
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Watch Mayor Deegan's budget address here.
Inauguration Speech
"Our new day has arrived! Thank you for placing your faith in me, Jacksonville! I believe in you. I believe in us. If we work together, lift as we climb, choose love over fear, and see each other’s humanity, I’m optimistic our beautiful mosaic called Jacksonville will become the Masterpiece we all desire." - Mayor Donna Deegan

Read Mayor Deegan's inauguration speech here.
Transition Committees

Mayor Deegan is committed to a comprehensive review of opportunities and challenges facing Jacksonville and identifying policy solutions that give every person the opportunity to have a good quality of life. To fulfill that pledge, the administration has formed a series of policy and outreach committees charged with developing plans that move forward Mayor Deegan’s vision of a healthy, safe, resilient, inclusive, and innovative city that works for all of us.

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