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On May 16, 2023, the people of Jacksonville elected Donna Deegan to serve as the city’s next mayor. Mayor Deegan officially took office on July 1, 2023, and the process to ensure a successful and seamless transition into the Mayor’s Office is currently underway.

Transition Co-Chairs and Staff

This brilliant group of collaborators, problem solvers, innovators, and leaders bring vast experience in government, business, philanthropy, and community engagement.


Co-Chair Lakesha Burton
Co-Chair Mayor John Delaney
Co-Chair Kevin Gay
Co-Chair Sheriff Nat Glover
Co-Chair David Miller
Co-Chair Darnell Smith

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Transition Advisor Pat McCollough
Transition Advisor Phil Perry

Donna Deegan Transition Team Co-Chairs

Mayor John Delaney

Kevin Gay, Sheriff Nat Glover, David Miller,
Mayor Donna Deegan, Lakesha Burton, and Darnell Smith

Mayor John Delaney

Our Mission

The Deegan Administration will be guided by the principle that every person should have a voice in City Hall and a seat at the table. Our culture will be an inclusive one where we encourage collaboration between leaders from all walks of life and who look like Jacksonville. Transparency, accountability, and innovation will be at the center of our decisions as we build a bridge to the next generation and industries of the future. These values will guide the next chapter in Jacksonville’s history and the culture that we will strive to create.

Mayor Deegan is committed to a comprehensive review of opportunities and challenges facing Jacksonville and identifying policy solutions that give every person the opportunity to have a good quality of life. To fulfill that pledge, the transition team is forming a series of policy and outreach committees charged with developing plans that move forward Mayor Deegan’s vision of a healthy, safe, resilient, inclusive, and innovative city that works for all of us.

Transition Focus Areas
  • Infrastructure
  • Health
  • Economy
  • Public Safety
  • Arts, Culture, and Entertainment
  • Constituency and Community Outreach
  • Military and Veteran Affairs
Mayor Deegan and her transition team will work with relentless optimism to lift our city and bring the beautiful mosaic we call Jacksonville together for its greatest good.


As part of the transition process, Mayor Donna Deegan’s transition team is conducting a review of the opportunities and challenges facing Jacksonville. Today she is announcing the committees and leaders who will identify policy solutions that give every person the opportunity to have a good quality of life. The focus areas include infrastructure; health; economic development; public safety; arts culture, and entertainment; constituency and community outreach; and military and veterans.

  • The Infrastructure Committee will focus on neighborhoods, the downtown riverfront, parks and recreation, resiliency, affordable housing, and homelessness. This focus area will be led by former Jacksonville City Council Member, construction business owner and restaurateur Garrett Dennis.
  • The Health Committee will focus on the appointment of a Chief Health Officer; maternal and children’s health; primary and dental care access; mental health and addiction; elder care; social determinants of health; and health insurance. This focus area will be led by nationally recognized financial advisor and physician Carolyn McClanahan, M.D., CFP.
  • The Economic Development Committee will focus on permitting, ladders for small business, talent development, and downtown development. This focus area will be led by JEA Director of Economic Development Ed Randolph who previously served as the city’s Director of Business Development.
  • The Public Safety Committee will focus on revisiting the Jacksonville Journey;a city-wide effort to boost literacy and grow prevention and intervention programs. This focus area will be led by former Education Chair of the Jacksonville Journey, past Duval School Board Chairman, and attorney W.C. Gentry.
  • The Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Committee will focus on retaining local art talent, public and private programming, art in public spaces and buildings, and attracting more public events. This focus area will be led by Yellow House Founder and Director Hope McMath.
  • The Constituency and Community Outreach Committee will focus on diversity, youth outreach, faith outreach, higher education, and non-profits. This focus area will be led by University of North Florida professor and two-term member of the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission Parvez Ahmed
  • The Military and Veterans Committee will focus on the main issues and concerns facing our local military members, establishing a veterans community center, and the need for more access to veteran activities and services in Jacksonville. This focus area will be led by retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Rick Snyder.
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Resume Submission 

Resumes for transition committees should include a cover letter indicating the committee you are interested in serving on and should be sent to transitionteam2023@coj.net.

Resumes for administration staff should include a cover letter indicating the position you are interested in applying for and should be sent to transitionresume2023@coj.net.

Resumes for city board appointments should include a cover letter indicating the board you are interested in applying for and should be sent to boards-commissions23@coj.net.

View a full list of boards and commissions here.

Resumes and cover letters can also be mailed to:
Office of Mayor Donna Deegan 
117 W. Duval Street, Suite 400 
Jacksonville, Florida 32202 

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