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The filters are completely customizable and the graphs are interactive. If you ever get stuck, clicking the Clear Filters button on the top right will revert all of the changes made.

  • Use the filters on the left to sort service requests by On Time or Past Due.
  • Use the Date Filter on the left side to sort by Year, Month, and Day.
  • Use the dropdown lists on the top to sort requests by Service Type, Council District, Department/Division, and Status.
  • If you see an address labeled 00, this means that the address for that service request was not recorded.

Drill Down

The ‘Top Service Type’ and Total Request Created By Year – Month – Day' graphs have drill down capability. Select the drill down arrow in the Top Service Type graph, then click on the Waste Collection bar. This will filter the graph to only show the specific service requests for Waste Collection. This also works on the Total Request graph. Select the drill down arrow, then click on the 2024 mark, now we can see the monthly data for 2024. The double drill down arrow on the Top Service Type graph will show the specific service requests for each main request type. The labels on the left show which main request type corresponds to the given bar.

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This dashboard is automatically filtered to include the dates of Mayor Deegan’s Administration. 

You can select additional years from the Date Filter on the left.

Please scroll down for additional dashboard help.
Dashboard Help