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The Permitting Dashboard utilizes information from the all-new, internally-built solution, JAXEPICS, to provide high-level permitting statistics for the three most common permitting types: Residential single family, non-residential tenant buildings, and residential apartments. Jacksonville issues an average of 9,000 permits every month.  The City created JAXEPICS to issue permits more quickly.  The new system streamlines the process of submitting and approving permits for applicants, while reducing the review times of permit applications across the City. Within the Permitting Dashboard, users can follow the entire lifecycle of their permit application.

Together we will continue to streamline this process for everyone.

Check out JAXEPICS for more information.
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Select the boxes on the left hand side to get a more detailed view of their data.

In the detail screen select any of the issues permit columns to get the submission average, customer duration, and the City duration for the permits that month.

In the detail screen use the slider to choose a specific date range.

Let's work together towards a new day in Jacksonville.
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