Bring Jacksonville's Beautiful Mosaic Together.
– Mayor Donna Deegan
Womans hand over a mirror mural
Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Mayor Deegan has embraced the power of Arts, Culture, and Entertainment to define the greatness of our City. From conversations with the community, the following key areas have been selected for focus:
  • Retaining Local Talent
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Programming
  • Quality of Life
By focusing on these key areas the City hopes to bring Arts, Culture and Entertainment to the forefront of Jacksonville’s community.
Uniquely Jacksonville
As the largest landmass city in the United States, Jacksonville is filled with a variety of different arts, cultures, and entertainment. Come and experience our many theatres and museums spread throughout our city. If you would rather stay outdoors and enjoy the Jacksonville sun, there are many public art pieces and venues that can be found as you explore the city. Keep an eye out for our monthly art markets and entertainment events.
Local Talent
Jacksonville is filled with many different varieties of local talent and creativity. Come and see what local artists have to offer at our Riverside Arts Market or visit the Jacksonville Art Walk on the first Wednesday of every month.
Jacksonville is home to many live music opportunities with varying performances at our extensive venues such as EverBank Stadium, the Florida Theatre, the VyStars Veterans Memorial Center and many more. One such event is the Jacksonville Jazz Festival which takes place every year. You can listen to many talented artists while enjoying a great selection of food. If you are interested in listening to music in a smaller venue, come to James Weldon Johnson Park to enjoy live music at the park on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 11:00am to 2:00pm.
For the past 31 years Jacksonville has held the World of Nations celebration, where you can come and experience the cuisine, artistry and customs from cultures all over the world. Throughout Jacksonville you can find many different historic sites such as James Weldon Johnson Park, Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve, and more.
To the Future

Let’s come together Jacksonville where Arts, Culture, and Entertainment can paint a new roadmap for a better community.