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Mayor's Transparency Dashboards

The very first thing that we need to focus on is transparency. I think we need to get in there and open up the blinds and let the sunshine in.

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As a continued effort to provide transparency across the City, we have created the Mayor’s Transparency Dashboards. With these Dashboards, we hope to give citizens the chance to see how our resources are being used in our day-to-day lives.

By providing these Dashboards "at a glance," we hope to tell the narratives that make the City of Jacksonville what it is today. From the volunteers and adopters who help our furry friends at Animal Care and Protective Services, to those who help to push our industry and homes forward in a new streamlined process with Permitting, to Public Works who keeps our City beautiful and clean, to helping our readers exceed our reading goals with River City Readers, you can see just how much work truly goes into our City.

With our combined efforts we can bring to light a NEW DAY for the City of Jacksonville.

Mayor Donna Deegan speaking with community
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