Military Affairs and Veterans
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"The City of Jacksonville is the most Military and Veteran Friendly city in the Nation"

Our Mission

The mission of the Military Affairs and Veterans Department is to Serve the Citizens of Jacksonville with Respect, Timely Competent Services, Integrity and Effective Advocacy.

The department is a resource center that offers veterans, their families and the community three service components:

  1. Veterans' entitlement services for eligible veterans and their families.
  2. Employment and social service case management services for qualifying veterans and their families.  
  3. Public relations and marketing services designed to bring veterans, their issues and the community closer together through awareness, outreach, veteran-related special events and development and maintenance of community partnerships.

As a Veteran, or family member of a Veteran, you could be eligible for entitlements and/or benefits. They are not automatically provided. You must apply for them.

Veterans Service Officers

County Veteran Service Officers (VSOs) are certified, skilled professionals trained in developing veterans' claims for benefits by reviewing and applying relevant legislation, current law, protocols and pertinent medical evidence. VSOs function as attorneys-in-fact for Veterans and families they represent. VSOs are accredited through several veteran service organizations.

The work of service officers involves important matters like helping a Veteran get enrolled in VA Health Care at a VA medical center. They assist Veterans and their families in filing for VA disability compensation, vocational rehabilitation and education programs, and  pension and death benefits.

What we do

  • Identify the benefits that pertain to you
  • Provide you with free expert advice regarding your claim
  • Provide counseling and information on additional resources
  • Complete and file paperwork for benefits from all levels of eligibility
  • Advocate on your behalf through the claims process if necessary

Geographic Area

Our primary area of service is Duval County. However, we are more than happy to provide service where possible to those outside of Duval County as well.

Our Location

We are located on the first floor in Suite 175 of Jacksonville's City Hall (St. James Building), downtown Jacksonville at 117 West Duval St.

Obtaining Service

No appointment needed. We accept walk-ins from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. For more information, please call us at (904) 255-5550, or email us at

What Veterans and their families should know when applying for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Pension benefits.


Military Affairs and Veterans Department
City Hall, 117 West Duval Street, Suite 175
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Office: (904) 255-5550