City of Jacksonville


Organizational Support Division

The first step in the hiring process for civil service positions is to apply for a current job opening. The website is updated as new job openings become available. It is important to pay attention to the closing date, as many jobs are only posted for one or two weeks. Additionally, applicants must follow all examination instructions provided in the job posting.

All applications for civil service jobs are reviewed by an Employee Services Representative to determine eligibility. Candidates meeting all job requirements are 'eligible' for further consideration. All candidates are notified by email (or regular mail, if no email address is provided) that they are either 'eligible for interview,' 'eligible to test,' or 'not eligible' for the job. Eligible candidates may also receive an email notification regarding any examinations to be administered. Once the candidate has successfully passed the exam, if applicable, he or she officially becomes 'eligible for interview' for the position.

Candidates remain eligible for one year. As vacancies occur, eligible applications are reviewed by hiring managers. It is not unusual for a number of city departments to review the same group of eligible candidates throughout the year. It is important to note that there may be more than 300 qualified candidates, and it is not feasible for a hiring manager to interview every candidate. Rather, the manager interviews those candidates who most closely match the preferred skills and abilities required of the specific job. All applications received from candidates eligible for veterans' preference are automatically reviewed as openings occur.

As new openings occur, a hiring manager will contact eligible candidates to conduct interviews. The candidate that best meets the requirements of the department is offered employment. Drug screens and criminal background checks are performed at this time.

Please direct inquiries to or call to (904) 630-1287.

The City of Jacksonville is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access Employer and will provide equal opportunity to all employees and applicants in compliance with all applicable federal and state employment laws and the current interpretation of employment discrimination by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as set forth in Department Directive dated March 14, 2016.    There shall be no discrimination or harassment against any person with regard to race, color, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, political affiliation, national origin, disability, age, marital status, veteran status, or any other impermissible factor in recruitment, hiring, compensation, training, placement, promotion, discipline, demotion, transfers, layoff, recall, termination, working conditions and related terms and conditions of employment.