City of Jacksonville

Graphic Design Request Confirmation

Thank you for submitting a graphic design request - we look forward to helping you with your project! Please keep the following in mind:

  • minimum of two weeks’ notice is required for creation and delivery of the first proof of your project. Last minute requests will not be considered. Depending on the complexity of your project, more time may be required. Our turn-around varies and is contingent on other projects in the queue. We will alert you if the project deadline needs to be adjusted.

  • All content must be provided before start of design. Please provide PAO with text exactly as you want it to appear in the final product, logos in .eps (vector) format, and photos with a 300dpi resolution or higher. Until we have all materials in hand, we will not start on your project.
  • Stock photo purchases may be necessary if no images are submitted with your request. PAO will advise on what images are needed and the requesting department will assume responsibility for the purchase. Images must be print resolution (300dpi or higher) and must be provided as individual files (e.g. not inserted into a Word document). REMEMBER: you can use the City Flickr account as a free image resource:

  • You are responsible for proofing your project. PAO accepts no responsibility for typographical errors, spelling mistakes, or incorrect information on any project committed to print or production. We do the very best we can to make each piece perfect, but it is the sole responsibility of the requesting department to proof every element.
  • You are responsible for the production of your project, which includes selecting a vendor, obtaining print quotes and securing a purchase order. 

  • All graphic design projects are created using Adobe software (Photoshop, Indesign or Illustrator). This means that the requesting department will not be able to edit or modify the final files unless they have access to, and a proficiency with, these programs. We do not provide templates or Word/Publisher versions of our designs. If your department requires editable files, PAO encourages you to create your own design in Microsoft Word, Publisher or Canva. We will be happy to look over your work to ensure it complies with the design standards outlined in the communications style guide.