City of Jacksonville

City News Request Form
Use this form to request postings to the City News section of the Employee Portal. 

Types of Posts Permitted on City News

  • Employee information and notifications (i.e. benefits, holidays, payroll, retirements, deaths)
  • Employee events (i.e. pep rallies, Go365 activities)
  • Employee volunteer opportunities, activities, and updates (i.e. JaxCares, Special Events, etc.)
  • Employee recognitions
  • Donated leave requests (standard approval process currently in place with Employee Services)
  • Memorandums (i.e. operations updates and notifications)
  • Notices (i.e. service outages, maintenance notifications, etc.)
  • City news and information (Public Affairs messaging, employee participation opportunities, Mayor’s blog posts, Employee Newsletter, news releases, etc.)
  • Other post requests*
All posts in the City News section of the Employee Portal are designed to reach and inform City Employees. Please note that for employees who do not have regular access the Employee Portal, other communications methods must be considered.
*Any requests for postings must have prior approval from the appropriate department head, director, and/or the Chief Administrative Officer.

Please allow at least two business days to process your request.  

(up to 50 characters)
This is the summary text that will show up under the post headline in the news list on the employee portal home page. Keep it to one sentence and include unique info different from headline.
*NOTE: Submitted content is subject to change to adhere to City of Jacksonville style and branding guidelines.