City of Jacksonville


Public Buildings

The Public Buildings Division provides security, custodial and maintenance services for the city's public buildings.  It oversees the payment of utilities - water, electric, waste water and gas - for all public facilities; supports development and execution of facility capital projects; and performs minor, non-capital renovations and improvements.

In total, the division is responsible for more than 800 buildings with nine million square feet.  The largest city building is the Duval County Courthouse with 800,000 square feet.

Under contract with the city, the facility-management firm SMG operates, maintains and programs the Prime Osborn Convention Center, Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville, the Ritz Theatre and Museum, and the Jacksonville Center for the Performing Arts.  For information about these venues, please visit

To request service or report a problem, please call 630-CITY (2489) or visit 630-CITY online

Roy Birbal, Chief of Public Buildings
555 W. 44th St.
Jacksonville, FL 32208