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Jacksonville has adopted the International Community Violence Intervention (CVI) Strategy, which was created by Cure Violence Global. The CVI Strategy uses a public health approach of treating violence like an infectious disease which can be controlled.

As a CVI model, the United States Department of Justice recognizes Cure Violence Global as an effective violence intervention and prevention program which supports the mayor's initiative to make our city safer.

Cure Violence Jacksonville trains and deploys both violence interrupters and outreach workers in targeted areas to identify conflict and diffuse it before the disputes become violent. These persons are trusted members of the community they serve. Their street credibility warrants respect from individuals at a high risk. High risk individuals are those immediately in danger of killing or being killed. The goal of these trained community members foremost is to teach and model communicative ways to resolve conflicts peaceably among high-risk individuals.
Cure Violence Jax Core Components
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Detect and Interrupt Potentially Violent Conflicts
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Treat Those At Highest Rick For Involvement in Violence
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Group and Community Norm Change
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Hospital Response and Follow Up
The CVJ Hospital Response component partners with local hospital trauma centers to provide a comprehensive response whenever a gunshot, stabbing, or blunt trauma victim arrives at the hospital. Program staff intervene during the critical window after a violent incident to prevent retaliation and interrupt the cycle of violence.
Our Community Partners
The Potter's House Community Development Empowering Center
Reintegration Solutions of Jacksonville Inc.
The Potter’s House Community Development Empowering Center
Our Reach
Cure Violence Jacksonville Target Areas
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For more information:

Antonio Starke 
Violence Reduction Manager 
Office: 904-255-8215
214 N. Hogan Street, Suite 800
Jacksonville, FL 32202