City of Jacksonville


Value Adjustment Board Public Service Announcement

August 26, 2003

The following is a public service announcement from Jacksonville City Council:

If you have a complaint regarding a property tax assessment or denial of an exception, you have the right to file a petition for review by the Value Adjustment Board.

To be considered, stop by the Property Appraiser's Office at 231 E. Forsyth Street, pick up a petition and complete it in full.

Then file the petition with the Clerk of the Value Adjustment Board, 230 East Forsyth Street, Room 334, 3rd Floor, Property Appraiser's Library, or at 117 West Duval Street, 1st Floor, St. James Building, Committee Room 'A.' These petitions must be received by the Clerk before 5:00 p.m. on Monday,September 8, 2003. They can be mailed or delivered in person, but they must be received -- not postmarked -- by September 8th or they cannot be accepted. Petitioners are urged, for their own convenience, to file prior to September 8th to avoid the lengthy lines--and long wait--that are typical on the last day of filing.

Do not let the September 8th deadline pass if you have concerns about a property tax assessment or denial of an exception. Fill out your petition, take it to the appropriate locations mentioned above, and file it with the Value Adjustment Board Clerk today.

For additional information, contact 630-1404.