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Rules Committee Redistricting Process

Rules Committee Process:

Sec. 18.107. Reference to Rules Committee; public hearings; report.
(a)      As soon as the plan is received by the Council Secretary, it shall be referred to the Rules Committee. The ordinance amending the Charter shall be introduced at the next regular Council meeting following its reception by the Council Secretary, but the Rules Committee may begin consideration of the ordinance as soon as it is referred. It shall not be in order at any time to move for the enactment of the ordinance as an emergency measure. It shall not be in order to move for withdrawal of the ordinance from the Rules Committee, less than 60 days after the ordinance has been referred to the Rules Committee. The ordinance shall be a priority item of business of the Rules Committee, and the Rules Committee shall consider and report the ordinance with all deliberate speed. The Redistricting Consultant shall provide all necessary information and support to the Rules Committee, and the Director shall advise the Rules Committee during its deliberations or provide it with knowledgeable staff personnel. 
(b)      The Rules Committee shall hold not less than three public hearings, at three separate places in the City, on the ordinance and the plan. The public hearings shall be advertised and held in accordance with the Council rules, and they shall be held after five p.m. and on any day except Sunday. Copies of the ordinance, the plan and the report of the Redistricting Consultant shall be made available to the public upon request and shall be available at the places where the public hearings are held. Written comments or views submitted by members of the public shall be made a part of the official record of the proceedings. The Rules Committee shall consider the testimony heard and evidence received at the public hearings, but it shall not be bound by them nor confined in its deliberations to them. These public hearings shall be completed not later than 45 days after the ordinance is referred to the Rules Committee. 
(c)      As soon as practicable, but not less than 15 days, after the public hearings have been completed, the Rules Committee shall report the ordinance to the Council. If the Council adopts amendments to the ordinance which substantially change the boundary lines of the proposed districts, the ordinance shall be recommitted to the Rules Committee and it shall hold additional public hearings to receive the comments and views of those persons who are or would be affected by the amendments. All such additional public hearings shall be completed not later than 75 days after the ordinance was originally referred to the Rules Committee, and the Rules Committee shall report the ordinance as amended as soon as practicable after the additional public hearings are completed. 


Committee Members

Brenda Priestly Jackson - Chair
Randy DeFoor - Vice Chair

Garrett Dennis
Aaron Bowman
Rory Diamond
LeAnna Cumber
Randy White


Committee Staff

Margaret M. "Peggy" Sidman, Director of City Council
Bill Killingsworth, Director of Planning & Development
Jason Teal, Office of General Counsel
Peggy Sidman, Office of General Counsel
Paige Johnston, Office of General Counsel
Jeff Clements, Chief of Council Research

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Pending Legislation

ORD-MC re Redistricting of JAX City Council Districts & Group At-Large Residence Areas, & Designating the Duval Co School Board Districts Following the 2020 Census of the City as Required by Sec 5.02 (Redistricting of Council Districts & Residence Areas) & 13.03 (Redistricting of School Board Districts), City Charter; Providing Legislative Findings & Recitals; Adopting & Enacting of a Redistricting Plan re City Council Districts, City Council Group At-Large Residence Areas, & School Board Districts Based on the 2020 Census Data; Amending the City Charter to Attach District Boundary Descriptions for 14 City Council District Boundaries & for 5 City Council Group At-Large Residence Area Boundaries Pursuant to Sec 5.01 (Council Membership, Residence Areas & Districts), City Charter; Amending the City Charter to Designate the 7 School Board Districts Pursuant to Sec 13.02 (School Board Districts), City Charter; Providing for an Index of Exhibits

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February 17, 2022

Rules Committee Public Hearing Meeting
William M. Raines High School Auditorium
3663 Raines Ave.
Notice | Agenda | Minutes | Attendance | Speaker Cards | Video |

February 10, 2022

Rules Committee Public Hearing Meeting
First Coast High School Auditorium
590 Duval Station Road
Notice | Agenda | Minutes | Attendance | Speaker Cards | Video |


February 3, 2022

Rules Committee Public Hearing Meeting
Atlantic Coast High School Auditorium
9735 R G Skinner Parkway
Notice | Agenda | Minutes | Attendance | Speaker Cards | Video |

January 27, 2022

Rules Committee Public Hearing Meeting
Ed White High School Auditorium
1700 Old Middleburg Road
Notice | Minutes | Attendance | Speaker Cards | Video |