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Special Committee on the Community Benefits Agreement


As part of the discussion surrounding 2024-904-E, the Stadium Renovations legislation, as Council President, I am establishing a Special Committee to review the associated Community Benefits Agreement and any related legislation. The Community Benefits Agreement will be a historic investment between the City and the Jaguars, and it is imperative that the Agreement is thoroughly evaluated. As President, I want to ensure these key investments will pay dividends over the decades to come and that all residents of Jacksonville are positively impacted. The Special Committee Charge is included below. Additionally, I have outlined herein the Council process we will follow for the legislation. I am committed to ensuring a swift and robust review and discussion takes place.


The Special Committee of the City Council on the Community Benefits Agreement, is hereby charged to address the following questions/matters:

1. Explore all available options as they relate to the Community Benefits Agreement and legislation.

2. Review and recommend any necessary amendments to the Community Benefits Agreement and legislation.

The Special Committee may seek advice from both public and private subject matter experts and should encourage maximum public participation in its work.
I would like to thank Council Member Raul Arias for chairing this Special Committee. Thank you to each of the Council Members and staff who make the commitment to serve on this important committee. As Council President, I plan to participate in the meetings as needed.


 The Special Committee on the Community Benefits Agreement is tasked to report its findings and recommendations on these matters on or before August 27, 2024.



Committee Members

Raul Arias - Chair
Jimmy Peluso - Vice Chair
Nick Howland
Ken Amaro
Tyronna Clark-Murray



Committee Staff

Office of the City Council
117 W. Duval St., Suite 430
Jacksonville, FL 32202


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Documents / Resources




ORD Making Certain Findings & Auth the Mayor, or Her Desig, & Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver: (1) an Amended & Restated Stadium Lease Agrmt btwn the City, Jax Stadium, LLC (Stadco) (Stadium Lease) Governing the Use, Operation & Maintenance of the Stadium; (2) a Stadium Dev Agrmt Among the City, Stadco & Jacksonville Jaguars, LLC (JJL), Governing the Design, Construction, Ownership & Financing for the Renovation & Construction of the Stadium; (3) a Non-Relocation Agrmt btwn the City & JJL Prohibiting Relocation of JJL During the Lease Term & Prov Remedies & Liquidated Damages for Such an Event; (4) a Guaranty Agrmt from JJL for the Benefit of the City Guaranteeing the Payment & Performance of Stadco’s Obligations Under the Stadium Dev Agrmt, Stadium Lease & Other Docs Authorized Hereby; (5) an Amended & Restated Amphitheater Lease Agrmt btwn the City & Bold Events, LLC to Align the Term Thereof With the Stadium Lease; 

Meeting Information 

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Meetings as Noticed 


City Hall - St. James Building
117 W. Duval Street
Jacksonville, FL  32202

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July 22, 2024

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