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In order to make Jacksonville a leading small business hub in the nation, it is important to craft, modify, and champion ordinance code provisions that fosters equal participation and inclusion of small and emerging businesses across the entire Jacksonville business ecosystem. We must bolster resources, ensuring equality both above and below the small business equilibrium line. For this reason, I am hereby creating a Jacksonville Small & Emerging Business (JSEB) Special Committee to address the following matters:



1. Review current code provisions within Chapter 126 (Procurement Code), Ordinance Code, and identify and make recommendations on any key areas for improvement in enhancing JESB’s efforts in recruitment and retention. Current code provisions center on fundamental governance methods particularly within the realms of recruitment and retention strategies. Notably, there exists a gap in inclusivity within the JSEB requirements that hinders effective support for both recruitment and retention initiatives.

2. Review and provide recommendations on initiatives and strategies to bolster recruitment and retention. Sustaining community interaction with comprehensive education programs for small businesses at every stage is vitally important.

3. Make recommendations on any gaps in governance and pivotal areas identified in order to foster an equitable and thriving small business ecosystem in Jacksonville.

I would like to thank Council Member Raul Arias for chairing this Special Committee.


 The JSEB Special Committee is tasked to report its findings and recommendations on these matters on or before June 25, 2024.
Thank you to each of the Council Members and the staff who make the commitment to serve on this important committee.

Committee Members

Raul Arias - Chair
Ken Amaro - 
Mike Gay

Committee Staff

Office of the City Council
117 W. Duval St., Suite 430
Jacksonville, FL 32202


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March 06, 2024

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Council Chambers

February 22, 2024

City Hall 
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