City of Jacksonville

About the Council Auditor's Office


To improve the accountability and effectiveness of local government by actively providing independent and informative services to the City Council and the citizens of Jacksonville.

Statement of Values

We expect excellence in the services we provide: excellence achieved through motivated personnel upon whose abilities, initiative, and creativity we depend. We are committed to sustaining a work environment that provides opportunities for personal growth, fosters cultural diversity, and supports innovation and change as essential to achieving our vision in a rapidly changing world. We expect the development of new ideas and enhancements in our ability to perform and work effectively at all levels of the organization. We highly value the importance of our relationship with others. We demonstrate integrity and honesty in all facets of our work.

Authorization and Duties of the Council Auditor's Office

The position of the Council Auditor is authorized by Section 5.10 of the Charter of the Consolidated Government of the City of Jacksonville. This section sets forth the qualifications and duties of the Council Auditor. The specific duties provided in this section are: Examine the accounting systems used by all offices and departments of the consolidated government and all independent agencies, and advise the Council as to whether all such systems provide for full disclosure of the financial results and adequate information for the management needs and budgetary requests of each such office, department, board and agency. Conduct a continuous internal audit of the fiscal operations of the consolidated government and all independent agencies. Submit such reports and financial statements to the Council as it may from time to time require.

Other Council Requirements of the Auditor's Staff

Chapter 13 of the Jacksonville Municipal Code sets forth additional responsibilities of the Council Auditor's Office including:

Performing research as the Council President, the Committee on Administration and Finance or individual Council members may request or require concerning the financial, staffing, or management affairs of the consolidated government or of the agencies to which the Council makes miscellaneous appropriations or public service grants. Rendering assistance to the independent auditor appointed by the Council. In addition, Chapter 102 of the Jacksonville Municipal Code provides that the Council Auditor shall perform management audit procedures in connection with audit assignments in addition to what are termed fiscal audit procedures.