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MEDIA RELEASE Councilman Matt Carlucci Makes Statement On Solid Waste Services in Jacksonville

January 25, 2022
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (January 25, 2022) – Solid waste services remain a major concern. This as a two-fold problem: (1) addressing labor market issues with our haulers and (2) addressing debt incurred due to solid waste fees only covering 70 to 80 percent of the cost of services. I would like to see a rate review process expedited.
BACKGROUND: Since the suspension of curbside recycling services in October last year, conversations concerning the state of Jacksonville’s solid waste services have been ongoing and will continue as we move toward solutions.

Concerning haulers, I fully expect the labor market challenges they currently face to play a major part in the City’s upcoming rate review process with Waste Management and Waste Pro. This occurs every three years and often takes months to complete. This process must be expedited and then reflected in Mayor Curry’s budget proposal to Council in July.

Concerning solid waste fees, Council has not increased the fee since 2010. Due to that shortfall, the City now has a loan that will reach $31 million this fiscal year. Council must seriously consider a re-evaluation of those fees and a remedy for what has become a ‘pay now or pay later’ scenario. A year ago, as Finance Committee chair, I introduced a bill to this effect. Perhaps now Council is ready to take this step.

I hosted a member-to-member discussion for my Council colleagues last week and will host two Town Hall meetings to invite constructive feedback from citizens. Details are available on my Council page. Council members, representatives from contracted haulers, and members of the Administration have been encouraged to attend and both meetings will include ample time for public comment.