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Gift Disclosure Registry

Please click ETHICS CODE to review the City of Jacksonville Ethics Code, including Sec. 602, Part 7, pertaining to Gifts to the city.

In accordance with Ordinance 2018-710-E, Part 7; Section 602.702, Ordinance Code: Registries shall be established wherein gifts will be identified by date, donor, type, purpose, and City or independent agency officer or employee carrying out the purpose; and shall be posted on a City or independent agency internet site within 45 days of receipt of the gift. 

Resources / Correspondence​

2023/2024 Miscellaneous Ticket Distribution

2022/2023 Miscellaneous Ticket Distribution
Click here for 2023/2024 Ticket Distribution and Value Webpage.
20230114 Jaguar  Playoff GameTicket Distribution  (pdf)

2021/2022 Miscellaneous Ticket Distribution
Click here for 2021/2022 Ticket Distribution and Value Webpage.
Jazz Festival Ticket Request Form (pdf)
Memorandum Regarding Jaguars Tickets and Suite Passes to the City - Dated 9/17/2021
Ordinance 2021-761-E - Additional Disclosure Requirements - Received 12/9/2021
20210812 Memorandum Jaguars Ticket Distribution Process (pdf)

2020/2021 Miscellaneous Ticket Distribution
Click here for 2020/2021 Ticket Distribution and Value Webpage.
Gift Disclosure Form 9 (October-December 2020 Quarter)

2019/2020 Miscellaneous Ticket Distribution
Click here for 2019/2020 Ticket Distribution and Value Webpage.
Gift Disclosure Form 9 (April-June 2020 Quarter)
Gift Disclosure Form 9 (Jan-March 2020 Quarter)
Ethics Office email regarding Tournament of Players Championship Tickets - Dated 3/9/2020

2018/2019 Miscellaneous Ticket Distribution
Click here for 2018/2019 Ticket Distribution and Value Webpage. 

2017/2018 Miscellaneous Ticket Distribution
Distribution List.pdf (2.3MB) 

2016/2017 Miscellaneous Ticket Distribution
Distribution List.pdf (57k)

2015 Jaguar Tickets
General Counsel's Memo.pdf (18k) 
Gift Disclosure Form 9.pdf (44k) 
Council President's E-Mail.pdf (126k) 

2014/2015 Miscellaneous Ticket Distribution
Distribution List.pdf (50k) 
Amended Distribution List.pdf (91k)

2014 Jaguar Tickets
Registry.pdf (11k)

2010 Northeast Florida Regional Council Elected Officials Reception and Awards Presentation
Analysis.pdf (11k)
Invitation Memo.pdf (499k)
Email Notification.pdf (211k)

2008 Jaguar Tickets
Registry.pdf (14k)
Council President's Memo.pdf (20k)
Council Member Return Letter.pdf (93k)

2008 Willie E. Gary / Martin Luther King, Jr. Luncheon
Registry.pdf (62k)
Analysis.pdf (71k)

2008 Konica Minolta Gator Bowl Event
Registry.pdf (51k)
Analysis.pdf (56k)


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