City of Jacksonville

Wheelchair Ramp Program
The Disabled Services Division constructs wheelchair ramps at no cost for Duval County’s disabled population.

The Wheelchair Ramp Program is funded through parking citation revenue from citizens improperly parking in disabled spaces and they are helping local disabled persons obtain better accessibility to their homes.

The Wheelchair Ramp Program is a service offered to low income families with a need for access to their residence.

Please contact Jimmy L. Smith, ADA Program Coordinator for the Disabled Services Division at  (904) 255-5659 if you would like to be considered for the program.

King Construction Company building a Wheel Chair Ramp  Completed wheelchair ramp built by City partners

Jimmy L. Smith
ADA Program Coordinator
City of Jacksonville/Disabled Services Division
117 West Duval St., Suite 205
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 255-5659 Office
(904) 255-5474 Fax
(904) 255-5475 TTY