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Mobility System Plan Update

The City of Jacksonville, Planning and Development Department, Transportation Planning Division engaged Resource Systems Group (RSG), in cooperation with Peggy Malone & Associates and the Hester Group, LLC to provide professional services in initiating an update to the 2030 Mobility Plan. The revised 2030 Mobility Plan identifies and reprioritizes a list of corridor roadway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects in each of the 10 mobility zones. The revised 2030 Mobility System Plan updates the Mobility Fees by refreshing costs, priorities and performance measures. To achieve this end, the Mobility System Plan Update includes the following steps:

  • Define Mobility System Plan Update Goals and Objectives;
  • Establish Performance Measures to be used to determine progress in achieving the goals and objectives of the Mobility System  Plan Update;
  • Identify and prioritize the Project List of future improvements to City-owned streets;
  • Update Transportation Improvement Costs;
  • Update the Mobility Fees; 
  • Prepare Final Reports and Presentations.
  • Revise the Comprehensive Plan and the Ordinance Codes

The 2030 Mobility System Plan engaged the public and the Mobility Plan Working Group, appointed by the Mayor's Office and the City Council, to review progress on the plan and provide ongoing feedback on the plan’s direction.

Members of the Mobility System Plan Working Group:

  • T.R. Hainline - Chair
  • Staci Rewis - Lay Citizen Member
  • Rick Morales - Lay Citizen Member
  • Robert Rhodes - Lay Citizen Member
  • Rajesh Chindalur - Lay Citizen Member
  • Andrew Dickson - Lay Citizen Member
  • Lori Boyer - Ex-City Council Representative Member

Any future meetings will be held on an as needed basis and will be noticed to the public.

Please check back often for more information!

Project Manager
Laurie A. Santana
Chief of Transportation Planning Division
Planning and Development Department
Address: City of Jacksonville, 214 N Hogan Street, Suite 300, Jacksonville, FL 32202
Can be reached at (904) 255-7857
Email Laurie Santana