City of Jacksonville


Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to be stationed at Mayport

January 16, 2009

U.S. Navy officials have officially designated the Naval Station at Mayport as the future homeport of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier currently stationed in Norfolk, VA.

In November 2008, the Navy announced its 'preferred alternative' was to relocate a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to Mayport, citing the strategic importance of having more than one aircraft carrier homeport on the East Coast. The Navy determined that homeporting a carrier at Mayport reduces risks in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack, including risks to aircraft carriers, support facilities and the people that operate and maintain them.

The economic impact on the city will be immeasurable. The carrier will bring approximately 3,200 new jobs to Jacksonville and infrastructure improvements and necessary upgrades will be made to enable Mayport to accommodate a nuclear carrier - an estimated $426 million in construction costs.

Modifications include dredging, infrastructure and wharf improvements which will also make the base more attractive to other ships in the future.

Although the anticipated arrival time is 2014, it has not yet been determined which carrier will come to Mayport.