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Myrtle-Moncrief-Avenue B Business Corridor Improvement Program
The Myrtle-Moncrief-Avenue B Business Corridor Improvement Program is designed to help businesses improve the visual and structural appearance of their properties. To be eligible, a property must be commercially zoned, located in City Council Districts 7 & 10 and along a commercial corridor (link to map of eligible properties below).

Applications will be evaluated based on the outlined criteria below. All renovations must be approved in advance, and no work may begin until after a grant agreement is fully executed. Grants will be paid upon completion of work.  Funding is subject to availability.

Eligible Exterior Improvements:
  • Landscaping
  • Signage (both building and free-standing)
  • Façade enhancements (painting, re-facing, attached appurtenances (such as awnings, eves and gutters), re-construction)
  • Pressure washing required as part of an allowable improvement (such as prior to painting)
  • Parking lot improvements (including repaving and restriping, but not pot-hole repair)
  • Temporary elements such as removable signs or sheds are not eligible
Evaluation of projects shall be made based on the following criteria:
  • Overall visual impact to the surrounding area and corridor
  • Comprehensive plan for improving the property (i.e. – a complete program of building renovation (painting, signage, awnings, etc.) will be preferred over the sole improvement of building mounted signage)
  • Impact to pedestrian and vehicular movement along the right-of-way (example – the removal of a portion of a very wide driveway apron or the inclusion of landscaping along the right-of-way providing a buffer between parking and pedestrians)
  • Ratio of property/business owner funding to City funding requested/required
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