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Our internet sales tool graphically and textually displays certain sales on the GIS map which have been qualified according to the Florida Department of Revenue guidelines. Qualified sales are transactions that reflect true market value between unrelated, knowledgeable buyers and sellers without duress or pressure on either party. Disqualified sales determined to have been conducted between family members, under duress including foreclosures or those that do not reflect the competitive market are not included. *PLEASE NOTE:  The qualification status of the most recently posted sales (particularly those from the past two years) could possibly change as they are reviewed by the Property Appraiser's Office. Therefore, any future updates to the sales layer would exclude sales that were disqualified in the review process.

Internet Sales Tool Instructions:

To utilize the tool, you will need to:

1) Activate the parcel layer. (You must be able to see the green parcel lines.) Typically, this is how the property will initially display after a property search.  If not, you may have to zoom in until they appear or conduct a search which takes you directly to a parcel if you have not already done so.  If looking for sales in your neighborhood, search for your property utilizing our Property Search, then select “Map This Property” above the county map.

2) Select the sales layers (years) that you wish to view by clicking on the 'Visible' box to the left of the layer name. (The layers are listed in the layer box on the lower right hand side of the map screen.)

3) Click 'Refresh Map'. The map will redraw. Parcels which have had a qualified sale for the year or years chosen will change color. (Colors may vary according to the internet browser in use.)

4) Zoom in until you see the street numbers if they are not already visible. This zoom extent will allow the map to display the year of sale, along with the sale price. Note: If you chose only 1 year you will still see the sale year & sale price of parcels from the other available years, but only your selection year will be colored in.* 


*Since a parcel may have more than one qualified sale within the 3-year range, we have provided a manner in which to see these sales. (see continued instructions below)



Internet Sales Tool Instructions Continued:

With the sales layers active & the colored parcels visible & showing the sale year & sale price:

5) Look on the tool bar below the map and locate the green dollar sign icon . Hovering over the icon shows its use: 'Show Sale Price'.

6) Click on the green dollar sign  to activate it. The dollar sign will turn red .


7) Now click in the center of one of the colored parcels or any other parcel where a sale is indicated. (*see above.) A small pop-up window will open showing all qualified sales for the parcel within the 3 year range. You may close the window using the 'X' when you have completed your review.


If you require assistance or have questions regarding the sales data displayed, please e-mail the webmaster for the Property Appraiser’s web site at