City of Jacksonville


Millage Rates

The tax rate is referred to as the millage. The millage varies by taxing district within the county. Each taxing district's total millage is comprised of individual millages determined by multiple taxing authorities operating within that district. Public meetings to set the individual millages and budgets are held in September. The time and dates are listed on the Notice of Proposed Property Taxes mailed to property owners  in mid-August. Business owners and home owners are subject to the same millage rate within a given tax district, except where exempted by Florida Statute(s) or local ordinance(s).

Taxing Districts for Duval County:

GS - City of Jacksonville
USD1 - City of Jacksonville
USD2 - City of Jacksonville Beach
USD3 - City of Atlantic Beach
USD4 - City of Neptune Beach
USD5 - City of Baldwin

Taxing Authorities for Duval County:

Public Schools
Florida Inland Navigation
St Johns River Water Management

Additional Municipal Taxing Authorities:

City of Jacksonville Beach
City of Neptune Beach
City of Atlantic Beach
Town of Baldwin

Millage Rate Charts

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2023 Millage (64 KB pdf)
2022 Millage (69 KB pdf)
2021 Millage (68 KB pdf)
2020 Millage (38 KB pdf)
2019 Millage (15 KB pdf)
2018 Millage (17  KB pdf)
2017 Millage (7  KB pdf)
2016 Millage (6.7 KB pdf)
2015 Millage (6.7 KB pdf)
2014 Millage (6.7 KB pdf)
2013 Millage (6.9 KB pdf)
2012 Millage (6.9 KB pdf)
2011 Millage (8  KB pdf)
2010 Millage (9  KB pdf)
2009 Millage (33  KB pdf)
2008 Millage (26  KB pdf)
2007 Millage (31  KB pdf)
2006 Millage (32  KB pdf)
2005 Millage (32  KB pdf)
2004 Millage (41  KB pdf)
2003 Millage (37  KB pdf)
2002 Millage (114 KB pdf)
2001 Millage (75  KB pdf)
2000 Millage (16.5 KB pdf)
1999 Millage (14.5 KB pdf)