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Deadline to File for Homestead Exemption

March 01, 2012 - March 01, 2012
231 East Forsyth Street, Suite 260
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
(904) 630-2020

The deadline to file timely for a homestead exemption, other exemptions, portability and agricultural classifications is March 1. 

A Homestead Exemption can reduce the value of your property for taxation purposes by up to $50,000.*  Those wishing to file must own and live in the home as of January 1, and the home must be the homeowner's primary residence.  The deadline to file is March 1 each year; however, homeowners may file late up to 25 days following the mailing of the Notices of Proposed Property Taxes in mid-August.  Call (904) 630-2020 for details.

*part of the homestead exemption does not apply to school taxes

Visit the following links for information on late filing, other exemptions, portability or the agricultural classification.