City of Jacksonville


September 9, 2010 - Fallen Heroes Patriot Day Memorial Breakfast continued...

Mayor John Peyton, John, White

(L-R) Randy White, Fire/Rescue Deputy Director; John Keane, Pension Fund Executive Director - Administrator; and Mayor John Peyton.

Bobby Deal and Kerri Stewart

(L-R) Kerri Stewart, Chief Administration Officer, and Asst. Chief Bobby Deal, Pension Trustee, Board Chair.

Rutherford, Greco, John

(L-R) Sheriff John Rutherford; Chris Greco with Sawgrass; and John Keane.

John, Hogan, Wyse

(L-R) John Keane; Mike Hogan, Tax Collector; and Randy Wyse, President, Jacksonville Association of Firefighters.

Cook, Weinstein

(L-R) Henry Cook and Mike Weinstein, State Representative.

Glover, Brighton Bay, Rutherford

(L-R) Nat Glover, Pension Trustee and Former Sheriff; Brian Gottal, Executive Director, Brighton Bay; and Sheriff John Rutherford.

John, Gordon

(L-R) John Keane and Gordon Bass, Director of Corrections.

Wood, Wyse, John

(L-R) Terry Wood; Randy Wyse, President, Jacksonville Association of Firefighters; and John Keane.

Peyton, John

(L-R) Mayor John Peyton being presented with a commemorative 911 pin from John Keane.

Rutherford, resident, Glover

(L-R) Sheriff John Rutherford; Brighton Bay resident; and Pension Trustee Nat Glover.

Bobby group

(L-R) Asst. Chief Bobby Deal; Sgt. Ellis Burns, Pension Advisory Committee Member; and John Keane.