City of Jacksonville


June 27, 2009 - Jake M. Godbold City Hall Annex Building Awards Presentation

On Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 11:30 a.m., the Jake M. Godbold City Hall Annex was formally dedicated with a ceremony held in front of the building at 407 N. Laura Street. Following the ceremony, awards were presented to all who contributed to the completion of this project, City of Jacksonville, Danis, KBJ Architects, and Total Office Solutions.

Steve Diebenow

Steve Diebenou

Alan Mosley w City of Jax

Alan Mosley, Chief Administrative Officer with the City of Jacksonville

Tom Goldsbury w City of Jax

Tom Goldsbury, Chief of Building and Zoning Inspection with the City of Jacksonville

Steve Betz w Danis

Steve Betz, President of Danis

Robert Fernandez w Danis

Robert Fernanez, Vice President of Operations with Danis

John Fischer w Danis

John Fischer, Director of Business with Danis

Tony Suttles w Danis

Tony Suttles, Vice President of Pre-Construction Estimates with Danis

Jimmy Sanders w Danis

Jimmy Sanders, Project Manager with Danis

Luke Ferrance w Danis

Luke Ferrance, Project Manager with Danis

Bill Squires w Danis

Bill Squires, Superintendent with Danis