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Current Planning Division
Current Planning Division

The Current Planning Division addresses short-term growth and development issues through review of proposed zoning changes and consists of professional planning staff and administrative clerical support who assist the public with questions relating to the Zoning Code, zoning verification, permitting, application processes for zoning changes, and Requests for Reasonable Accommodation pursuant to the federal Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.  The Division provides review and recommendations on all Current Planning applications, conducts public hearings on administrative deviations; exceptions, variances, and waivers of liquor distance licenses; planned unit developments (PUDs); cellular antenna reviews; land use amendments, companion rezonings, and text amendments; conventional rezonings; and minor modifications and administrative deviation appeals.  The Division also administers zoning overlay districts for the Downtown, Mayport, Springfield, Mandarin Road and Height, and San Marco.

The Current Planning Division is responsible for the administration and professional support to the Jacksonville Ordinance Code: Chapter 654, Subdivision Regulations and Chapter 656, Zoning Code and provides technical assistance to:

Current Planning also houses the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Section which creates and maintains a comprehensive library of land development and demographic/socioeconomic related datasets and GIS layers including Future Land Use, Zoning and Council Districts/Redistricting.

The Land Use and Zoning Application Portal allows on-line submittal of Land Use and Zoning Applications, related planner administration, case tracking and case documentation.

  • Please refer to the Zoning Code for details on each classification.
  • Need more information about a specific zoning district? Please review our Zoning District Summaries
  • Curious to know the zoning district of your property? Please visit our GIS maps

Zoning Applications:

Administrative DeviationSection 656.109
Paper Application | Online Application | Process Chart 
Minor Modification to PUDSection 656.341(f)
Online Application | Process Chart 
Rezoning to Conventional Zoning DistrictSection 656.109
Online Application | Process Chart 
Rezoning to Planned Unit Development (PUD)Section 656.340
Online Application | Process Chart 
Sign Waiver Section 656.133
Paper Application | Process Chart 
Waiver of Architectural and Aesthetic Requirements (WAAR)Section 656.109
Paper Application | Process Chart
Waiver of Liquor Distance (WLD)Section 656.133
Paper Application | Process Chart 
Waiver of Road Frontage (WRF)Section 656.133
Paper Application | Process Chart 
Zoning ExceptionSection 656.131
Paper Application | Online Application | Process Chart 
Zoning VarianceSection 656.132
Paper Application | Process Chart 

To view all active and sufficient applications, please visit:
(Paper Applications submitted in person are not available online. Please call 255-7800 to obtain a copy of the application)

Miscellaneous Zoning Requests:
Backyard Residential Hen Permit
Certifcate of Use (COU) 
Renew Arlington CRA Zoning Overlay 
Zoning Application Fees
Zoning Confirmation Letter 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Backyard Residential Hen Permit Questions
Zoning FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Contact Current Planning Division Planners

Erin Abney, Chief of Current Planning
Current Planning Division
Ed Ball Building
214 N. Hogan Street, Suite 300
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 255-7817