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Q. Where can I pay my citation?

A. There are several ways to pay for a parking citation. You may pay in person at any Tax Collector's Office. You may also pay online with a credit card through the city's Web site. Of course you can always use the envelope provided to send a check or money order to the address on the reverse of the citation. Pay by telephone at 1-866-470-3083.

Q. I have a citation but it isn't in the system.

A. Parking citations issued by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (citation number beginning with O) or airport personnel (citations beginning with B) are turned in to the controlling agency and in turn delivered to the Office of Public Parking. They are entered into the system as expeditiously as possible.

Q. My meter does not work, who should I call?

A. A meter malfunction can be reported through 630-CITY by calling (904) 630-2489 or by submitting a service request online. The customer should be able to give the meter number and street location, as well as a detailed description of the malfunction. If a citation is received, the citation number should also be provided. You may also call the number at the bottom of the citation (904) 630-1500. This information should be reported as soon as possible as it takes up to 48 hours to have the meter checked. Waiting an extended period of time before calling lessens the likelihood that maintenance personnel will be able to repeat the problem and repair the meter.

Q. Who maintains the meters?

Worker fixing a parking meter.

Worker fixing a parking meter.Parking Meter Mechanics are responsible for installing and collecting from approximately 1,500 meters in the downtown area.  They work closely with the Traffic Engineering Division on the location of parking meters, disabled spaces, signs, travel lanes and loading zones.

Staff continually update their knowledge and skills to keep up with advancing technology.  To report a meter issue online, click here.

 Q. How can I set a court date to dispute a citation?

A. You may elect to set a court date for a hearing to dispute your citation. Court dates cannot be arranged by telephone or via the Internet. To set a hearing date, you must appear in person at the Office of Public Parking within 15 days of the citation issuance and complete a signed and notarized Court Appearance Agreement. This is also detailed on the reverse side of the parking citation. You will then be assigned a future court hearing time and date. Please bring the actual citation, your driver's license and disabled placard (if applicable) to:

Office of Public Parking
231 East Forsyth St., Suite 424
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Failure to set a hearing within 15 days of citation issuance results in the waiver of rights to a court hearing. If you choose to pay your citation, your right to a court hearing is also waived. Failure to appear at a scheduled hearing is deemed an admission of guilt and agreement to pay.

Q. How long do I have to pay my citation?

A. Payment for parking citations are due in full the day of issuance. After 15 calendar days a $10 late fee is assessed. At this point, you have also waived your right to set a court hearing. After 30 days another $15 late charge is added. After 40 days a 40 percent collection fee will be added.

Q. When can I be cited for an expired tag?

A. License tag registration expires at midnight of the registered owner's birthday. State law requires the yellow validation decal to be placed in the upper right hand corner of the license tag with no obstruction.

Q. Why was my car immobilized?

A. Certain criteria exists pertaining to the immobilization of vehicles by Parking Enforcement Specialists. If you have three citations in a delinquent status, you fall within this criteria. One delinquent disabled parking violation citation is another. To have the immobilization device removed from your vehicle, bring either cash, a cashier's check, a money order or a PIN-based debit card for payment in the amount of the citations due plus the immobilization device removal fee of $50.00 to the nearest Duval County Tax Collector's Office. Also pay online or by telephone at 1-866-470-3083. 

Q. How do I check if I have any outstanding citations?

A. The City of Jacksonville website ( provides an area for online payment of parking citations. If you select the 'Online Services' tab on any page of the city's website, a drop down list will appear. Select 'Pay a Fee > Parking Tickets.'  Or, on the Office of Public Parking page there is a 'Make a Payment' link that will take you to the same page. Input your license plate or Parking Citation number in the appropriate box and a list of any unpaid citations you have will be displayed.

Q. Who can use Freight Loading Zones?

A. Designated Freight Loading Zones (FLZ) are for the expeditious loading and unloading of freight. Commercial vehicles properly displaying company logos in the standardized format or individuals purchasing a FLZ permit from the Office of Public Parking may utilize a space for the one-hour limit as posted. Certain circumstances may arise that require someone without proper signage or documentation to park in a loading zone. If this occurs, the time must be brief as in a 'dropping off or picking up' situation. For information on securing a Freight Loading Permit, please call (904) 630-1620.

Q. How do I sign up for monthly parking at a City-managed lot or garage?

A.  For a monthly parking application or more information, call (904) 255-5858 or email

Q. Who can I call about special event parking?

A. For special event parking downtown, call (904) 255-5867.  For stadium or arena parking, contact ASM Global at (904) 630-3900.