City of Jacksonville


Helpful Housing Links

Jacksonville Housing Authority
HUD Low Income Assisted Housing

Florida Housing Coalition
Affordable Housing Resource for technical assistance to local governments and nonprofit organizations

Florida Housing Finance Corporation
State of Florida Affordable Housing Resource

Freddie Mac
Homebuyer and Multi-family Programs

Housing and Urban Development
Federal Government Affordable Housing Programs & Resources

Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority
The Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority ("JHFA") exists for the purpose of addressing affordable housing needs in Duval County, Florida by stimulating the construction and rehabilitation of housing through the use of public financing.

LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation)
An organization that offers valued resources, skilled practitioners and knowledgeable advocates to nonprofit partners involved in community development initiatives.

State of Florida Universal Cycle Information
Applicants interested in applying for funding for the construction or rehabilitation of affordable rental housing through the following State of Florida programs (HOME Investment Partnerships Program; Housing Credits; Multifamily Mortgage Revenue Bonds; State Apartment Incentive Loan Program) can do so through the Universal Application Cycle.

University of Florida Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing statistical data resource