City of Jacksonville


Access Agreement

Signing an access an agreementIf you live in the Project New Ground area, you need to sign an access agreement before any soil testing or cleanup work begins. This gives the city and its contractors permission to enter your property to perform testing and cleanup work.

An access agreement will be mailed to you if you live in the Project New Ground area. You will need to sign the agreement and send it back in the postage-paid envelope. Then the soil will be tested. If ash is found in the soil, you will be contacted to set up the pre-cleanup survey. After that, ash cleanup will begin.

If you live in the Project New Ground area and have not signed an access agreement please click here to download the agreement in PDF format. Please return the completed access agreement to:

Project New Ground
100 N. Laura St. #802
Jacksonville, FL 32202

For more information, please contact the information center at (904) 999-4844.