City of Jacksonville


Residential Properties

Solid waste collections in Jacksonville are provided by:

  • City crew 
  • Contracted haulers: 
    • Advanced Disposal Services
    • Meridian Waste
    • Waste Pro USA.

To identify your wastehauler, review the map below or call (904) 630-CITY (2489).  

City of Jacksonville Ordinance Section 382.415. - Resident's Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of all residents to separate yard trash, trash, and garbage (including rubbish).

  • Trash, garbage (including rubbish) and recyclables shall be placed separately at curbside no sooner than 5:00 p.m. of the day before scheduled collection and any garbage/recyclables receptacles shall be removed by 6:00 a.m. the following day.
  • Placement of garbage or recyclable material at curbside after 6:00 a.m. on the date of collection does not have to be picked up by the City or contractor if the collection vehicles has passed the pertinent curbside after 6:00 a.m., thereby making the customer responsible for removing such garbage or recyclable material form the curbside until the next scheduled pickup date.
  • It shall be unlawful and a violation of this chapter for any person to place at the curb for collection any container(s) unless those containers contain only trash, only yard trash or only garbage (including rubbish).
  • It is unlawful and a violation for any person to place at curbside for collection commingled trash, yard trash or garbage (including rubbish).

Failure to comply with the provisions of this section 382.415 shall be enforceable solely as a civil infraction as provided in City Code Chapter 609 (Code Enforcement Citations).

Please be aware that it is unlawful to place hazardous waste of any kind in the residential collection waste streams.  Municipal Code Section 380.209.

Solid Waste Division Collection & Sanitary Services Activity

1031 Superior St.
Jacksonville, FL 32254
(904) 630-CITY

Advanced Disposal Services (ADS)

9798 Normandy Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 421-7373

Meridian Waste (MW)

2078 Lane Avenue North
Jacksonville, FL 32254
(904) 701-1770

Waste Pro USA (WP)

2940 Strickland St.
Jacksonville, FL 32243
(904) 731-7288

To request collection service or report a problem with collection, please call  (904) 630-CITY (2489) or visit the MyJax online customer service website at