City of Jacksonville


Zoning District Summaries

For information, call (904) 255-8300.

Planning and Development Department
Development Services Division, Zoning Section
Ed Ball Building, 2nd floor
214 N Hogan Street
Jacksonville, Florida, 32202

Zoning Districts

Agriculture (AGR) District

Commercial Community, General-1 (CCG-1) District

Commercial Community, General-2 (CCG-2) District

Commercial Neighborhood (CN) District

Commercial Office (CO) District

Commercial Regional (CR) District

Commercial, Residential and Office (CRO) District

Conservation (CSV) District

Industrial Business Park (IBP) District

Industrial Heavy (IH) District

Industrial Light (IL) District

Industrial Water Related (IW) District

Public Building and Facilities-1 (PBF-1)

Recreational and Open Space (ROS) District

Residential High Density-A and B (RH-A and RHD-B) Districts

Residential Medium Density A to D (RMD A to RMD D) Districts

Residential Low Density RLD Districts

Residential Rural Acre (RR Acre) Districts