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Construction Plans for Site Development

This process is sometimes known as the Civil Plan Review or the 10-Set Review. It is a technical review of the horizontal construction aspects of development projects.

NOTE: Major utility construction (all utilities, 1000 feet or more in length) must go through this process, but the process is somewhat different. See the Major Utility Construction web page for details.

All numbered attachments are from the Land Development Procedures Manual (LDPM).

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Affected Projects

Submittal Requirements

  • Concurrency and City Development Number
  • Preliminary Reviews
  • Review Stages
  • Required Documentation & Fees

Plan Requirements

  • Size
  • Standard Cover Page
  • Signature and Seal
  • Checklist
  • 100% Construction Plans

Where to Submit

Time Frames

Online Tracking

Additional Considerations

  • Water and Sewer Review
  • Downtown Projects
  • Building and Site Work Permit Submissions



Construction Plans for Site Development need to be submitted for the following types of projects:

New Construction
Includes construction of new commercial or industrial buildings and new communication tower installations.

Substantial Improvement
A substantial improvement is any reconstruction, rehabilitation, addition or other improvement of a commercial or industrial structure, improving the square footage of the facility by greater than fifty percent of the square footage of the structure prior to the start of construction, or the cost of which exceeds 50 percent of the market value of the structure prior to the start of construction. The reason for this is that any proposed development that meets this improvement threshold must bring the entire site up to current landscape code per City Ordinance Section 656.1209. Submitting construction plans for site development will verify that this will be accomplished.

Road Construction

This includes any subdivision of land into three or more parcels. Even though the subdivision ordinance exempts certain subdivisions from the platting requirement, they must still be submitted for site development review. See the definition of Subdivision in Section 654.106 of the Jacksonville Ordinance Code.

Major Utility Construction
This is defined as any buried utility greater than 1000 feet in length being placed within the city right of way.

Restricted Drainage Basin Impacts
This includes any commercial or industrial project within a Restricted Drainage Basin.

New Driveway Construction in Conjunction with Building Construction
This includes commercial or industrial building additions.

Parking or Vehicle Use Areas (VUA)
Commercial or industrial projects that include new parking or VUAs or changes to the layout of existing parking or VUAs.  This does not include restriping of existing parking areas, changes to sites strictly to bring it up to the current standards of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), or parking areas serving homes within residential subdivisions.

Converting Use
Certain projects that require a "Converting Use" Permit from the Building Inspection Division. Converting the use of a site from residential to commercial or industrial uses triggers various requirements and requires this review.
  • The site must meet the zoning code for the new use. This includes the need for minimum off-street parking spaces, off-street loading spaces, off-street bicycle parking, and the current landscape and tree protection regulations.
  • The site must meet the current Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.
  • The site must meet the minimum fire protection standards including site access and fire hydrant location.
  • The site must meet any drainage pre/post development discharge and treatment requirements. This is seldom an issue with converting a site's use unless it includes a building addition or increase in paved areas.
  • Converting use from either commercial or industrial to residential does not need this review.
  • Converting use from either commercial or industrial to either commercial or industrial needs this review only if the change would require site changes involving any of the other triggers in this list (e.g., parking/VUA changes).

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Concurrency and City Development Number

The developer will need to obtain a City Development Number (CDN) for the project. All projects that are submitted to Development Services for review must have a valid CDN throughout the review process. The CDN is issued by the:

Concurrency and Mobility Management System Office
214 N. Hogan St., Second Floor
Jacksonville, Florida 32202.
(904) 255-8330

Preliminary Reviews

  • For projects zoned PUD or Planned Unit Development, the PUD Verification process must be completed through the Planning and Development Department, Current Planning Division before submittal of the construction plans. For questions on how to submit for PUD Verification, contact the Current Planning Division.
  • Preliminary Site Plan Review (also known as Sketch Plan Review), if required for the development, must be completed before submittal of the construction plans. Per Sec 656.404 of Jacksonville Ordinance Code, projects that meet any of the following conditions require Preliminary Site Plan Review.
    • More than one multi-family structure on a lot under one ownership, including condominiums
    • A new structure or combination of multiple structures equaling 40,000 square feet or more of enclosed gross floor area
    • Public school facilities
    • The subdivision of land into three or more lots not zoned PUD
    • The establishment of a new public or private street

Review Stages

  • Preliminary - This is the first submittal of the construction plans. The plans and associated documents will be routed to all review agencies affected by the proposed development.
  • Final - Any submittal subsequent to the preliminary review but prior to initial plan approval is called a final review. The plans and associated documents will be routed to any review agencies that either disapproved the previous submittal or approved it as noted. The final submittal process will repeat until the plans are approved.
  • Revision - Any submittal after the initial approval of the plans is called a revision. The plans and associated documents will be routed to any review agencies affected by the proposed revision.

    NOTE: The only items that need to be submitted with a revision are:
    • A plan set of only the revised sheets with revision clouds
    • Any additional needed documentation (drainage calculations, PUD Verification, etc.)
    • A transmittal letter that clearly notes the revisions being made

Required Documentation & Fees

The following documents, as applicable, need to be included in the Site Development Plan Review package:

  • Site engineering plans (Plan Requirements).
  • Drainage calculations signed and sealed on the cover sheet by the Registered Professional.
  • A signed copy of the Recreation "Open Space" Acknowledgment form if applicable (Attachment 1-17).
    • This form is required for any subdivision with 25 or more lots or any multiple-family development (Apartments, Condos, etc.) with 100 or more units.
    • It must be signed by either the developer or an authorized agent. The signature must be witnessed and notarized.  If an authorized agent signs the form, an original signed and notarized copy of the Agent Authorization Form must also be provided.
  • If the property is zoned PUD, a PUD Verification of Substantial Compliance letter from the Current Planning Division is required.
  • A subdivision/roadway inspection letter from the developer for roadway or subdivision developments. If the developer wishes to use a private engineer for inspection services, use Attachment 1-18B. For City inspection, use Attachment 1-18A.
  • Review fees must be paid once the package is accepted for review. Fees are listed here.
  • A CAD file of the development will need to be sent to the Addressing Section once the plans are approved for roadway or subdivision developments. The file requirements are in Section of the LDPM.

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Plans must be either 24"x36" prints or, if legible, 11"x17" prints.

Standard Cover Page

With the exception of revision submissions, the plans must have the latest City Standard Cover Page as the first sheet (available here as a PDF and here as a DWG).

Signature and Seal

At a minimum, the construction plans for site development need to be signed and sealed on the cover page or signature page by any and all registered professions designing the project. In addition, any landscape, tree removal, tree protection, tree mitigation, or irrigation sheets need to be signed and sealed by a Landscape Architect.
NOTE: Any sets that are to be used for obtaining Building or Site Work permits will eventually need to be signed and sealed on each page.


Plans should include all of the applicable information listed in Attachment 1-3.

100% Construction Plans

Plans will only be approved if they are 100% complete. Plans will not be final approved with any notes stating "For Review Only" or similar.

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All plans for site development plan review should be submitted using the Jacksonville Electronic Civil Plan Review system. If you are registered professional and do not yet have a profile in the system, fill out and return this form to create a profile.

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It is our desire to complete first reviews within 28 working days and each subsequent review within 14 working days. If the plans are received during the morning hours, tracking begins on the same day. If the plans are received during the afternoon, tracking begins the next working day.

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At any time, the progress of the review can be checked online through our Electronic Civil Plan Review system. Anyone can view which agencies have completed their reviews and any review comments they have entered. You can find a project using the CDN or any of the other options in the dropdown menu. You can open a project to check its progress by clicking the blue document icon on the right-side of the screen in the row of the project you would like to open. The Attachments tab shows uploaded documents, and the Routing tab shows the review progress.

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Water and Sewer Review

JEA requires a separate review on most projects. Contact JEA at (904) 665-6000 for additional information.


Downtown Projects

Projects within the downtown area require additional review by the Downtown Investment Authority. Visit the DIA website for maps, to determine if your project requires this approval. This review will need to be done prior to the approval of the construction plans.


Building and Site Work Permit Submissions

  • Building Permit - This can be submitted for review after the second submittal of construction plans for site development. The permit submittal will be approved for review only. The permits will not be fully approved until the construction plans for site development have been approved, but this will allow review of the construction plans for site development and the building plans concurrently.
  • Site Work Permit - This can be submitted after the second submittal of construction plans for site development provided any and all erosion control comments and landscape comments have been adequately addressed. See Building Inspection Division's bulletin G-08-03.

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