City of Jacksonville


Parking Do's and Don'ts


In the Parking Facilities:

  • Do observe the reserved signs.
  • Do observe the compact car spaces.
  • Do take your time when leaving our facility.
  • As you leave, accept our appreciation for visiting us.
  • Do observe and adhere to "No Backing Into Space" signs.
  • Do visit us again.

On a Parking Meter:

  • Do park your car with the front bumper even with or slightly behind the meter post. Each space is designed for one vehicle.
  • Do put the correct coins (quarters only) in the meter for the time you will be using it.
  • Do remember the meter location (meter number and street) when you visit downtown. Many streets look similar and can be confusing to remember where you parked.
  • Do report any meter malfunction by calling the CARE system at (904) 630-CITY (2489), report it to any of our parking employees, or on the web at MYJAX 
  • Do turn the meter handle all the way after each coin is inserted.
  • Do leave the meter space when you have completed your business. This will allow other customers to conduct their business.
  • Do observe the time limit posted on each meter.

In a Freight Loading Zone:

  • Do observe the 1-hour time limit posted on the sign.
  • Do make sure that your freight permit is clearly displayed on your dashboard. If company logos are used, they must be displayed on both sides of the vehicle.

In a Prohibited Area:

  • Do obey the signs. They are placed there for a reason. Our parking enforcement specialists are trained to enforce these areas rigorously. 

In a Disabled Parking Space:

  • Do park in a disabled parking space if you have a valid placard registered in your name.
  • Do hang your placard on the rearview mirror so  that the entire placard is visible to a parking enforcement specialist or police officer with the placard number facing the front of the vehicle.
  • Do show your placard and registration to any parking enforcement specialist or police officer when asked.
  • Do keep your registration current. 

More Disabled Parking information:

  • Your disabled parking placard will allow you to park on a meter for a maximum of four hours.
  • A DV (Disabled Veteran) tag will allow you to park on a meter for eight hours.
  • A placard will allow you to park in a signed disabled parking space (non-metered) all day.
  • Even if the permitted disabled person is with you, if you are not disabled and are driving for them, you may only occupy the disabled parking space for 30 minutes to load or unload. 


Remember that these 'DON'TS' may result in a citation!

On a Meter:

  • Don't try to squeeze between cars already parked. It restricts their ability to safely exit the meter space.
  • Don't try to park more than one vehicle in a metered space at the same time.
  • Don't deposit additional coins in the meter to extend your parking time. The maximum limit you can park is displayed on each meter. The parking meter was designed as a short term parking device.
  • Don't face oncoming traffic! 

In a Timed Parking Zone:

  • Don't remain parked in the zone more than the allowed limit. You will need to leave the area and not return within a 12 hour period.
  • Don't use your disabled parking placard in a timed parking zone. You are only allowed the posted time shown on the sign. You are not allowed to move to a new location and receive an additional 4 hours of parking at no cost. 

In a Freight Loading Zone:

  • Don't park in a freight loading zone unless you have company logos on both sides of your vehicle, or a freight permit issued by the Office of Public Parking.
  • Don't park for more than one hour. These areas are in very high demand and are strictly enforced.

In a Prohibited Area:

  • Don't park your vehicle in any area that prohibits parking. These areas are strictly enforced.

In a Disabled Parking Zone:

  • Don't park in the striped area next to a disabled parking space. This space is for those vehicles with wheelchair lifts. You will receive a citation for parking here even if you have a valid disabled parking placard.
  • Don't block a disabled parking ramp.
  • Don't use someone else's placard. Even if you are disabled, you will receive a citation. If you need a disabled parking placard, contact your doctor to begin the process.
  • Don't use an expired placard. It is considered the same as not having one.
  • Don't occupy a disabled parking space for more than the 30 minutes allowed for loading or unloading if you are not disabled, even if you are transporting a disabled person with a placard.
  • Don't occupy a disabled parking space with a commercial transport vehicle for more than the 30 minutes allowed for loading or unloading.