storm safety for your pets page from emergency preparedness guide - photo of dog, cat and bird in kennel

Storm Safety for Your Pets

September 02, 2019
Pets are p art of the family, so make sure you keep them safe during a natural disaster,

Storm Safety Tips

  • Do NOT set pets loose. They will not “be OK.”
  • Bring your pets indoors at the first signs of a storm. Conditions could deteriorate quickly.
  • If you have animals that are likely to run and hide, keep them on a leash or in a carrier so that they are safe, secure, and ready to go should you need to evacuate.
  • Put together a grab-and-go emergency pet supply kit. In addition to medications, vaccination records, leash, and favorite toy, include three to four days of pet food and a gallon of bottled water per pet, per day.
  •  Understand that at pet-friendly shelters, you will be responsible for the care of your pet.


Pet-friendly shelters provide shelter to evacuees and their pets.  Only household pets, including dogs, cats, birds and rabbits, are allowed in pet-friendly shelters.   
  • Pets must be current on vaccinations
  • Pets must be properly caged or crated
  • Pets may be sheltered separate from owners
  • Owners are required to care for pets 
What Should You Bring for Your Pet?
  • Your pet emergency supply kit (see page 9)
  • A carrier, crate, kennel, or cage
  • Current vaccination records for your pet
  • A collar on each pet with current ID, city license, and rabies tags

General Population Shelters

Location Address Pet Friendly
Landmark Middle School 101 Kernan Blvd N (32225) Yes
Chimney Lakes Elementary 9353 Staples Mill Drive  (32244) Yes
Mandarin Middle School 5100 Hood Road  (32257) Yes

Special Medical Needs Shelters

Location Address Pet Friendly
Atlantic Coast High School 9735 R.G. Skinner Pkwy  (32256) Yes

Dual Population (General Population and Special Medical Needs) Shelters

Location Address Pet Friendly
Legends Center 5130 Soutel Drive (32208) Yes