Karen and Daryl

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen and Daryl
We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Karen and Daryl for tr their incredible dedication and hard work during our major HVAC installation. Their efforts have been nothing short of exceptional, ensuring the smooth running of our operations and significantly contributing to the welfare of our four pawed friends.
Highlights of their contributions over the past 6 weeks include:
  • Replaced 69 guillotine wires (1380 feet)
  • Installed 528 weight stop screws and washers
  • Cut the overhead fence and moved wires overhead in 56 kennels in F & I
  • Adjusted door latches on all kennels (528)
  • Installed 60 oversized screws to secure center pulleys
  • Loosened 125 over-tightened pulleys
  • Lubed 208 kennel door systems
  • Tightened and repaired 250 beds
Their meticulous attention to detail and tireless effort have made a tremendous difference. Thank you, Karen and Daryl, for your unwavering commitment and for going above and beyond in your volunteer work! Your hard work truly makes a world of difference.